8 inch Note F Quartz 432 Hz Chakra Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl + Rubber Sticker
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8 inch Note F Quartz 432 Hz Chakra Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl + Rubber Sticker

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  • INCLUDE:1 Piece Crystal Singing Bowl,1 Piece Mallet,1 Piece High Quality Rubber O-ring(thickness is 7mm).
  •  CRYSTAL SINGING BOWL APPLICATION:Perfect Gift for Meditation Teachers,Sound Healers, Students, Yoga players any friend or loved one. Frequently gifted by many of our customers to friends & family. Something they will truly love.
  • FACTORY GUARANTEE:We are global largest manufacturer.We can provide high quality, suitable price crystal singing bowl.

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  • Note B  Crown  Chakra - Imagination and higher self
  • Note A  Third- eye  Chakra - Center for psychic and intuitive abilities
  • Note G  Throat  Chakra   - Center for communication, both out wardly with others and inwardly with ourselves
  • Note F  Heart  Chakra   - Gatekeeper to the higher chakras this is the point where we take in and send out our love
  • Note E  Solar Plexus  Chakra - Point of personal power and the expression of creativity
  • Note D  Navel Chakra - Center of processing and interoreting
  • Note C Root Chakra  - Fear and childhood trauma and where kundalini energy may lay dormant

How to Play


Knock the bowl gently and slowly, the player need to keep calm,then divide into three section of bowl month, then choose three point to knock. Or a large satellite tapping method, that is , use the method of painting large satellite knock six times.


 Another way is use the suede mallet friction slight on the bowl’s mouth. Methods of friction points has forward(clockwise) and reverse (counterclockwise), forward is added new energy(repair), energy(diarrhea) reversal is ruled out. When knock like dragonfly water only can, need not too hard, when the friction force wants even, don’t suddenly heavy.


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